Tal Ar Galonn, holidays close to nature and animals - Rosporden, Finistère

Do you dream of a quiet holiday in the middle of nature, close to many farm animals? Treat yourself to this affordable luxury by renting the Tyr Na Angus gîte or the La Tanière studio, and get ready for a charming stay. We are waiting for you in Rosporden, in Finistère, at the Tal Ar Galonn estate.

paw black shape - The animals of "Tal Ar Galonn

The dogs of Tal Ar Galonn

Mister Fernand (Fernand to his friends): this basset hound is not only a look-alike of Colombo's dog, he is above all a dog lover. Don't be fooled by his sad look and his ears that drag on the ground, Mister Fernand has the joy of life in his paws. Don't hesitate to scratch his belly!

Jack : Jack, the big red dog of the house, is no longer with us, but his spirit will never leave the domain. Boubouille, our big fawn griffon from Brittany did not have a funny life. Marked by several abandonment, he found the smile at our side and marked our lives forever.

Scarlett the ferret

She runs she runs our ferret! In total freedom in the garden, Fufu allows herself to be caught in exchange for a few caresses.

Our giant rabbits

A Giant of Flanders and a Butterfly Giant in total freedom on the 3 hectares of the property! Each one has his own character, Gus is a great curious when O'Maley is a great shy.

The domain's cat

Coyote : a very sociable cat-dog who walks with us and shares many moments of complicity with Mr Fernand.

Our horses

Hermes: a bay coloured gelding, Hermes is a former champion harness racer now retired. His look is soft and benevolent, Hermes is kindness incarnate!

horse - The animals of "Tal Ar Galonn

Ginger: a pony who lives a second life, her best life! Ginger is in love with Hermes (and him too!), but don't say anything, you'll make them blush.

Ronny Rockstar: the gipsy cob, an Irish pony with a rockstar look ! An indomitable mane, elephant legs, Ronny looks like he came straight out of Woodstock !

The cows of Queen Elizabeth II of England

Imogene and Kyloe are two Scottish Highland Cattle from the Queen of England's herd. But don't worry, they have left their princely ways behind in Scotland and prove to be playful and curious, sometimes fierce, and often shady.

kyloe - The animals of "Tal Ar Galonn
pirlouit 16 - The animals of "Tal Ar Galonn

Pirlouit the little goat of the ditches

Do you know Pirlouit, the comic book hero Johan and Pirlouit? Then you know all about the personality of our little goat: he's a joker, curious and a bit of a coward too (but shhhh, it offends him).

Blanchette the goat

Affectionate and cuddly, Blanchette is the sweetness made goat. Very playful, she loves to climb on the backs of humans!

blanket 26 - The animals of "Tal Ar Galonn
Merlin le chon de tal ar galonn 2 - The animals of "Tal Ar Galonn

Merlin, the chon de tal ar galonn

Our ornamental hens

The big crazies of the garden! Philomène, Blanche, Zora, Bertille, Thelma, Grand Poussin, Biloute, Marquise, Petit Piaf, Splash, Frasie and Jabel share their infectious joy with the whole estate.
In the middle of the barnyard, the Maboul rooster who thinks he is a parrot and speaks our language. If you listen carefully, you will hear "Not true" and "Watch it" (true!).

Our criminal association

Their names are Anatole, Sylvestre, Leeroy, Miss Marple, Agatha, Bertha, Grand Jaune and Noisette, they are Indian duck racers but above all real little bandits. They walk in single file and often plan bad things, but that's why we love these little rascals!